SESM provide power energy solution as much as requirement need it. The service solution to use at un-using area to be utilize that can produce renewable clean and sustainable energy. The system offering base on PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with several optional contract duration.


Low Cost Operational & Maintenance

Reducing electricity bills as required

Panel warranty still have 80% left and still can be optimize in the next 10 years

BOOT contract agreement

Warranty no tariff hike within contract

Our values provide a clear foundation for the SESM Development Standard, and every aspect of delivery from development through construction and operation. Our policies on Health and Safety, Quality and Environment are deeply embedded across our business. Teamwork, Innovation and an Entrepreneurial Approach are key to effective problem solving. Respect and Integrity are at the very core of our development approach, and are the basis for the comprehensive global Community Charter for interaction with the communities neighbouring our projects throughout the lifetime of our projects.

“Advancing Indonesia’s economy by Increasing Electrification Ratio Using Renewable Energy”

Pursue opportunities for growth by fully developing the Indonesia Government’s TARGET agenda.Ensure our own safety and the safety of others with a commitment to do ‘no harm to anyone at any time’.Provide a reliable supply of clean, competitively priced energy to support the economic and social

Development of Indonesia and our partners.Operate as a business, based on principles that reward our owners and employees, and delight our customers.Set and achieve high ethical and corporate standards that are a source of pride for our employees, customers and owners.Develop our people, leadership and teamwork to build an agile, open, corporate and customer focused culture that responds to challenges and the need for change with innovation and cooperation.Achieve operational excellence through a commitment to continual improvement and best practices