PT. Sumber Energi Sukses Makmur (“SESM”) was incorporated at Jakarta in early 2015. SESM is a domestic (Indonesian) investment company that is designed to be one of leading company in Indonesia for developing and performing three (3) main business streams in coal, mineral, and energy. SESM is supported by many skilled and professional workers and shareholders who’s has years of experiences and established network in Indonesian coal & mineral industry as well as international coal trading activities, mining, power utilities, private energy sector, and industrial plants.

In coal trading business, SESM has joint marketing agreement with a few major coal producers in Indonesia, such as: Bayan Group, Geo Energy Group, Bomba Group, Rajawali Group , etc.

SESM also has distribution and agency agreement with small to medium coal producers in many area at Indonesia. Through its Joint Operation, SESM’s production covers all qualities of coal, from low to high rank coal. SESM controls and manages the entire coal chain, ensuring quality, consistency and reliability. SESM is actively undertaking exploration in new areas on a regular basis.

In addition and as a main purpose of SESM establishment, SESM is now developing some new projects in energy supplies as Independent Power Producer (IPP) of coal fired steam power plant (CFSPP), gas power plant (GPP), mini hydro power plant (MHPP), Solar-cell power plant (SCPP), etc. at some strategic locations over Indonesia area, such as Aceh, North Sumatra, Riau, South Sumatra, Central Java, and some many other locations.