SESM is developing coal, nickel and gold mining at the moment, also open to joint operation or take over highly economic value mines.


SESM has coal contract to supply to 16 power plant of PLN. Plenty support of coal supplies from few major coal producers in Indonesia


SESM has been and continues to develop the renewable energy sector. urrently SESM has collaborated with BUMN, BUMD and the private sector in supplying electricity sourced from renewable energy


we started something new in automotive, we are partnering with electric vehicle manufacturer to assemble EV products in Indonesia


The need for solar panels at the home user level has made us take the initiative to sell retail products.

About us

We Are A 

PT. Sumber Energi Sukses Makmur (SESM) was incorporated at Jakarta in early 2015. SESM is a domestic company in the Sumber Energi Group that is designed to be one of leading companies in Indonesia in the development of the mining business (coal & mineral) and the energy sector, especially renewable energy.

SESM is supported by many skilled and professional workers and shareholders who’s has years of experiences and established network in Indonesian coal & mineral industry as well as international coal trading activities, power utilities and renewable energy.

Our Vision

To be an international class company in mining, trading and energy provider with the best of services, productivity, quality, engineering, safety, environment and community development, in line with creating best added value to customers & stakeholders.

Our Mission

Provide “total reliable & integrated services” in mining, contracting services, port facilities, trading, and energy provider with the best productivity, quality, competitive price, high return & profit, and on-time delivery.

Develop the best corporate culture centered on human capital.

Focus on excellence in operations.

Give the best returns, added values, and benefits to all customers and stakeholders.

Create & Maintain a professional & smart working environment, and giving the best benefit and career development to all employees through integrated and competent career development programs

Build and maintain sustainable growth through high safety standarts, good community program development and strong environmental management.

Profile Management

Pudjianto Gondosasmito

                                             President Commisioner

“Urip iku Urup” is the life principle of this Semarang-born entrepreneur. Javanese philosophy which can be interpreted as “Life is Lighted” has a very deep meaning to his life. That humans are born in the world not to stand alone, but to give to one another, and help others without strings attached. The President Commissioner of PT. Sumber Energi Sukses Makmur hopes that all positions and the success of the business he has achieved can provide value benefits and for the well-being of humanity.

Zulfian Mirza

                                                   President Director

Indonesian Citizenship, 46 years old, residing in Jakarta. Appointed as the Company President Director in 2015. Earlier position as Marketing and Operational Director of PT Exploitasi Energi Indonesia Tbk (2012-2018), President Director of PT Dwi Guna Laksana Tbk (2015-2018), Commisioner PT Saibatama International Mandiri (2009-2015), Direktur PT Trans Lintas Segara (2008-2011). Also built his career through operational, marketing and managerial positions in several mining companies. Graduated in 1997 with a Sarjana degree in Mining Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and has been active in PERHAPI organization of mining experts. Member of Board Advisory Metallurgy Engineering ITB, Member of Supervisory Board IA MET – ITB.

I Gede Artha Wijaya


Indonesian Citizenship, 46 years old, residing in Jakarta. Appointed as Senior Advisor. Earlier position as President Director of PT. Megah Pratama Resources (2011-2012), Director of PT. Bara Rekatama (2012-2013), Commisioner of PT DAMS Resources (2011 – present), VP Engineering & Operation of PT Dwi Guna Laksana (2013-present), President Director of PT. Energi Indonesia Bersama (2015-present). President Director of PT. Manggala Usaha Manunggal (Titan Mining Group). VP Director of PT. Tata Bara Utama (Tiara Marga Trakindo). Supt of Grasberg Engineering Dept. of PT. Freeport Indonesia. Also built his career through operational and managerial positions in several mining companies. Graduated from Mining Engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology.

T. Wibisono

                                                     General Manager

Indonesian citizenship, 39 years old, born in Kuningan. Appointed as Head of Trading & Marketing Division at PT SESM. Earlier position as Marketing and Logistic ast Div Head of PT. Atlas Resources Tbk. CPP Superintendent of PT. Multi Harapan Utama. Marketing Division pf PT. Kaltim Prima Coal. Graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology as Mining Engineer and obtained Magister Management from University of Mercu Buana. Built his career through operational, trading, logistic and marketing in several mining & energy companies.

M. Hamza Rasyidi

                                                        Director EBT

Indonesian citizenship, – born Jakarta. 45 years old. Appointed as Director of Renewable Energy Division at PT SESM. Earlier position at several companies as Sr Manager B2G renewable energy of Beraucoal subs Surya Utama Nuansa (2018), Head of Business Department at MMP Group, Head Financial controller of Pacfictel Indotama (2006), Site Manager (2009), SME Manager (2013). Graduated from Kennedy University USA class 2003. As graduated in business administration with several experiences in many business segments (Finance, Communications, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy).

“ Where new renewable energy is the opportunity to preservation of nature for the future goodness of the human generation “

contact information

PT. Sumber Energi Sukses Makmur
Jl.Jendral Sudirman Kav. 29-31Jakarta 12920

             +62 21 – 2598 5078